I was born in Lautoka known as the sugar city of Fiji Islands on 14th of April (April 14th happened to be the day Titanic sank but it was in a different year though). My father had inherited riches from the ancestral lineages with farming land and real estates property and he being the only son had to struggle and sweat for our livelihoods at that time. Sugar cane is the backbone of Fiji’s economy although in recent years tourism and other commercial export earning have increased in sufficing more income to that of Sugar alone. My Dad would work long hours on the farm and sacrifice his energy into building comfort zone for us. I am the eldest of the three sons but third eldest of my five siblings. One of my sisters who happened to be seven years elder then me now resides in Canada while the another one, a year elder then me, currently flats out with me in Suva. In my childhood I was the pet of everyone. I would wake up early in the morning and accompany my dad to the farms where he would spend hours in the sun working while I would play with mud and other things somewhere within his looks. Sometimes I would pretend to be bulldozing the land to tilt into cultivation farms, which I would record from seeing my Dad and some other labors working with new plots, while other times I would gather wild nuts, fruits and herbs to cook lunch for my Dad. It was obvious that he wouldn’t eat that after all yet I would serve him and he would laugh with joy seeing my childish activities. On rainy days we would sit near the bay windows and watch the pouring outside in the compound with excitement and hunt for an opportunity to step outside. From the windows we take glimmer at muddy brown waters filing up our lawn area and when no one is looking I would run out with my sisters for a rain bath It was fun doing that.  We had a very nice big house- a first concrete house in the area built my Grand Dad and we lived in a extended family there but before I started going to primary school my dad had built his own house a little far from where our previous house was. The new house much like the same however was wooden with modern structure and design. In those days it wasn’t very common for people to keep private vehicles in farming areas as is today however my Dad had his own private car. My mother would occasionally take us to beaches and picnics in this car with my Dad and we would have lots of fun with my elder sisters. I loved sitting on sand, making houses of sand and drawing castles on sand with my tiny little hand and watch as the waves would wash away my designs through swash in a moment, an activity that I love doing very much till today. When I was in class one I still remember how much I cried that day when Daddy first left me at school under supervision of new faces

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