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Why Climate Change Matters

There are more then one reasons for me….I live in a country that lies in the Pacific and that I guess shall give us a clue why it concerns me. Most island states are facing a daunting task of climate change and sea level rise challenge. Fiji is no exception.

The climate pattern that i know of and have been adapted to live in such a niche since birth ” is now changing” so the inquisitive question is how, why and what can be done?

Then, of course there are issues in my mind about how serious is the concern? the question of development and increased levels of economic success for a country with continuous challenge of environmental disasters and sustainability of its use and adverse impacts.

What is the practical suggestion or an answer for climate change that I can acquire and how can it become a pillar of achievement at a national level.

Rahul Arvind Chand
Post Graduate Student – Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment ( FSTE)
University of the South Pacific- Laucala Campus