Samoa Tsunami

I was shocked to hear about the tremors felt in Samoa and the giant waves that followed it which claimed more than hundred lives just within minutes. On this particular day I was at a function at my sisters house hosting breakfast to one of a visiting spiritual theraphist from United States and got the message a little late. I was not even feeling very well since I was suffering I had got high fever and as soon as our guest left I went to bed. That day was very bed for me since I kept vommitting and shivering of cold. However some tablets were able to bring me back to normal within a couple of days. Much of the news about Samoa came through friends and family. I recieved many messages from friends on email about the Tsunami and it really made me feel sad. There were stories of courage higlighted in the local media about the surviviors and it was something that was seen with some solace. Fiji is in the Pacific which also recieves frequent Tsunami warning and I’m doubtful whether if something so disastrous ever strucks our land are we prepared. Most of our Tourism centres are alying on coastal sites. My prayers are with all Samoans who have been affected.

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